After dating with friends in the VAPIANO Italian restaurant, 

I went to 7-11 to deposit in my MRT card and asked a latte coffee,

but the worker forgot to take money from the card.

That's why I got one free latte coffee.


When I hold my coffee to get in the bus,

a man sitting on my left hand always watch me,

I didn't know why he watched me at first,

after drinking off the coffee,

he asked me to give him the empty cup,

and seeing the number on the topping,

and told me the number meaning how hot it can be tolerated.

If the topping shows number 6, that means it only can tolerate under 80-degree temperature.

If it's number 5, that means it can tolerate under 12-degree temperature.

I noted the coffee cup topping from 7-11 is number 6, that's not good for hot drinks.

When searching via internet, Hi-Life and Family Mart are using number 5 topping.

A company must have their resposibilities to this society, do the right thing what they should do.

So if I want to have coffee next time, I'll choose other stores.

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